the little things

“we want to dignify the little things in life that make us happy.”

 This project was an installation of frames and a fake wall, in which each frame held a different animation. The video pieces were all related to one another and even interacted with each other at certain points. When each animation begins, the three frames are taken over by its actions, making the viewer immerse into an experience that directs the attention of the viewer. Viewers were able to engage with the wall by pressing buttons, in which each of them had an assigned animation

For this project my partner, Javier Aparicio Lorente, and I decided we wanted to make something that was meaningful to us and that reflected our personal beliefs, which is dignifying the little things that make us happy. We wantedto awe people with beautiful visuals and experience that makes them reflect on the message. The three animations we made that dignified and honored the little thingsthat make us happy were: a smile that make your day, the way children see the world, and the feelings you get from music. Each one of these honor ourselves and the people around us, helping us learn and find the good in everyone and everything.